Milky Mærrapanna

Day two of experimenting with Milky Way photographing, still can't get away from the clouds (f*cking Norway). Got one bright shooting star on the bottom left corner as well.


Hiking trip to Trolltunga from Skjeggestad, trip last about 8-10 hours turn/return. This is the view of Trolltunga.

Lofoten, Sandsletta

View from Sandsletta Camping, Lofoten. This time of a year it is a midnight sun at this area, this picture was captured at about 22 (10pm) and you see the sun is shining from the left.

Lofoten Panorama

Panormama of Lofoten. Stitched with 3 images. I'm not completelly sure about the location on the map (I forgot to turn on the GPS on the camera :P) But I hope I put it correct, please tell me if it's wrong, and feel free to give me a hint of where it actually is located.


Laksfors (Norway). This picture was taken at the dark night, even if it doesn't look like.

Tropical water of Lofoten

Very clear and tropical like water, but icy cold.

Farm in Lofoten

A farm in Lofoten

Rødøya (Tjøtta - Forvik) / "The red island"

Ferry at Rv17 (Helgelandkysten) from Tjøtta to Forvik. Picture of Rødøya (english: The Red Island).


I went to a place called Mærrapanna to make some photos of the moon. This photo is put toghether with 7 photos, where 6 of them is made to be HDR and the last one of the moon with a different lens. I'm not sure if I like this or not as I'm not too fan of manipulations. Main picture is captured using Canon EOS 6D with Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens, while the moon was captured by Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM II @ 200mm Picture made with Luminance HDR and Gimp


Hiking trip to Trolltunga from Skjeggestad, trip last about 8-10 hours turn/return. This is the view of Skjeggestad.

North Cape

North Cape N 71° 10' 21" Known to be the most nothern point of Europe (located in Norway). The real most northern point is however Knivskjelodden next to it.

Typical Norwegian Milk Chocolate Motif (Huldefossen)

Picture taken at Huldefossen in Førde (Norway). It's a very typical Norwegian look, as well my first thought was, this looks like a cover page of Freia Melkesjokolade (Norwegian milk chocolate).

Å in Lofoten

Å in Lofoten (Å is the name of the place)

Nesna, Mæla, Flostrand

View of Mæla (right) and Flostrand (left) at Nesna.

De syv søstre / The seven sisters

Panorama of The Seven Sisters, one of the tops didn't fit within the frame (18mm, fullframe).